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Document Retention Guide

Posted by Admin Posted on Nov 19 2018


Ever wonder how long you should keep your tax returns?  Or maybe employee records?  Below we have listed several items and the recommended amount of time they should be kept (electronic format or paper).


Bank Statements and Canceled Checks 4 years
Canceled Checks for Key Transactions (taxes, purchases of property, etc.) Permanent
Contracts and Leases 4 years
Stock and Bond Records Permanent Until Sold
Deeds, Mortgages, and Bills of Sale Permanent
Employee Records 3 years
Employment Applications 3 years
Business General Ledgers Permanent
Insurance Policies (Expired) 6 years
Invoices from Vendors 3 years
Real Estate and Improvement Records Permanent
Tax Returns and Related Documents 3 years
Financial Statements and Work Papers Permanent











Individual circumstances and questions should be directed to your lawyer and/or our office for specific recommendation.


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